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I.H. Male aged 52

“I didn't know what to expect from CranioSacral Therapy, but I did know that I wanted to improve the quality of my life. I have been having aches and pains in my body for a number of years. At one point doctors put it down to Fibromyalgia but they were not certain. I decided to try complementary therapies but nothing gave me long lasting relief. After my first CranioSacral session I felt very relaxed and was very sleepy. Even though I was still aware of my muscle pain I slept very well for the first time in a couple of years. I have now completed the course of treatments recommended by Katia. I still keep coming back once a month. I love the treatment and it has certainly changed my life.”

A.B male aged 40

“I occasionally suffer from neck and back pain, which usually can take up to one week or more to improve. After having Deep Tissue Massage and Cupping Therapy, the pain reduced remarkably after just one session. I decided to return for two further treatments with Katia and the difference has just been amazing. It's now been one month since my last treatment and I have not had any further pain as yet. I would not hesitate to contact Katia for another treatment if/when the pain returns. I have recommended Katia to all of my friends. Thank you very much for everything you have done.”

C.B. Male aged 47

“CranioSacral therapy is amazing. After only three sessions I can feel relief. I no longer take so many tablets at night and I wake up refreshed and look forward to the day ahead. Thank you!”

M.L. Female aged 37

“I have suffered from severe tension headaches for many years. I was constantly taking a lot of painkillers, but more often than not they provided no relief. When I went to see Katia she evaluated my body and asked if I'd had a lower back injury. I didn't understand what that had to do with my headaches. Katia said that my injury could be the cause of my headaches. I have now had four sessions. I wake up in the mornings and my head feels good. I no longer have a back problem and I generally feel very well.”

S.T. Female aged 59

“I love having CranioSacral Therapy. I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for some time. I was impressed that after only one treatment my back started to feel better. I have now completed the course of treatments. I am very pleased to say that I no longer suffer from pain in my back and shoulder.”

N.W. female aged 38

“After slipping on ice last winter, I injured my shoulder. I have been to see my GP on several occasions and have had an x-ray to prove no broken or damaged bones. I have been on pain killers since the incident and have had continuous restless night's sleep. I noticed an advert for Deep Tissue Massage & Cupping Therapy and that it can help alleviate pain, so I thought I would try it out. After seeing Katia and having the treatment, I was thrilled with the results. The sensation of having Cupping Therapy was just exhilarating and thoroughly relaxing. Since having the treatments, my pain has gone and I can at last lead a normal life again. Katia is a wonderful caring person who has a magic touch. Thank you so much.”

K.S. Female aged 40

“I had been to the hospital so many times only to be told that I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. I was given antidepressants but the problem continued. I was then diagnosed with TMJ syndrome. I was told that when I had dental surgery my jaw was dislocated. I tried sessions of acupuncture. Even though it relieved the pain I was still very anxious and my jaw was still dislocated. When I came to see Katia she was very helpful and listened to my concerns. During my first treatment I fell asleep. I felt so relaxed and my body was no longer tense. After my second treatment my jaw started to feel good and I could bite properly. Even though I still have anxiety, my panic attacks have reduced dramatically. I love the treatment and would recommend it to anyone.”

Mother of R.T. Male aged 4

"I cannot thank you enough for making something that was medically impossible possible. I have a son who is paralysed. No words could describe how painful it is for me, as a mother, to see her child being unable to enjoy his life in full. Now as I see the effect of CST, my heart is so grateful. My son's arms and fingers have all started working now! It gave our family a hope that has unlocked closed doors."

H.H. Female aged 55

“CranioSacral Therapy is deeply relaxing. My life is very hectic and I have a very demanding job. I find that after my treatment I feel well, relaxed and balanced. I am lucky in a way that I don't suffer from chronic aches or pains but I love having the treatments as they give me a long lasting sense of vitality and well-being.”

T.S. Female aged 41

“I have suffered from a burning sensation in my mouth for a number of years. Quite often I had an unusual sensation of coldness in my body followed by a complete loss of energy. I had to stay in bed, unable to keep warm and it was difficult for me to move. My doctor didn't know what was wrong with me and I was very frustrated and wanted to know what was happening with my body. It was recommended to me, that I see Katia and try CranioSacral Therapy. I have had seven sessions. I cannot express how good I feel now – I have no burning sensation, my body temperature remains stable and I have the energy to get on with my life. Thank you very much for improving the quality of my life!

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